The Committee

Our senior member is Dr Peter Kail, a Fellow and Tutor in Philosophy at St Peter’s College, as well as a University Lecturer in the History of Modern Philosophy. Peter’s research interests include the History of Modern Philosophy, Mind and Metaphysics, and the individuals David Hume, Friedrich Nietzsche, Nicolas Malebranche and Francis Hutcheson. Peter has written a number of papers on Hume and Hutcheson, as well as two books on Hume. He is the reviews editor of the journal Hume Studies.

Position Name College
Senior Member Dr Peter Kail St Peter’s
President Domhnall Iain MacDonald St John’s
Vice-President Ben Jarvis Keble
Secretary George Charlson Balliol
Treasurer David Shorthouse Wolfson
Social Secretary Jan Soroczynski St John’s
Online Communications Officer Thaddeus Aid St. Cross


  1. Congratulations on Think Week.

    I’m looking for more authors for a web site on Atheist Spirituality. It’s at Please do let people know about it, especially if they might be interested in writing posts.

    Best wishes


    Geoff Crocker

  2. Is this page, and group, still active, as I notice there are no posts on here since 2014. I have links to this group from Oxford Humanists ‘related organisations’ page ( but will remove them if this is now a dead link. Shame if so, as we were hoping for greater co-operation and shared activities with ALL of the local non-faith groups, going forward.
    Michele Walker
    Oxford Humanists

    1. Hi Michaelle,

      So far as I know OxASH is dead 😦 But I moved to California. I’ll see what I can dig up for you.

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