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Why wouldn’t we care for the sick without Christianity?

I was listening to Radio 4’s Beyond Belief yesterday episode “Are Institutions in Decline” and Rev Sam Wells makes a point to say that without the church there is no argument for caring for people that can’t be cured (at about 28:25). This really made me angry, as an atheist I believe that everyone should be […]

Top 5 Challenges to a Nonbeliever

1. What if you are wrong? Ah, good old Pascal’s Wager. What have I got to lose? If God doesn’t exist and we all die with nothing to look forward to, what does it matter? But, if God does exist and we don’t believe, we go to hell. If your God is who you say […]

On the Censorship of Atheist Societies

by Thaddeus Aid and Frank Cook Original posting at The Tab Recently South Bank University Student Union forced the South Bank Atheist Student Society to pull down a parody of Michelangelo’s Adam and God, first saying that the genitals of Adam were offensive but then following that up with a complaint that it was offensive […]

Should Feminists be Anti-Religion? No.

A bit of disclosure first: I am a white male academic. I don’t have to deal with the problems that women have to face. However, I am a feminist. I think that women are just as capable as men in all aspects of life and since I have daughters the idea of someone discriminating against […]